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Hello, my dear whales!

I am Diana, the captain of the English Whales adult space.

I have been professionally leading my students to results for 6 years. And after getting my CELTA certificate in 2020, I'm making my lessons even cooler. That's why I know who an awesome teacher is and how they can help make English your best friend.

English Whales is your space where:
- you are on the same page with your teacher
- you look forward to the lesson like to a Friday night
- you learn not because you have to, but because you enjoy it!

We do not promise that you will master all of English in a month and be able to understand native speakers in two lessons. We stand for an honest, comprehensive and effective approach to learning English. We believe in working hard in class, doing your homework, and amazing tutors.

Hop on board!

Why English Whales?

Our teachers have been sailing here for a long time and are constantly learning, so the sky is the limit with them!



We do our best (surely not without your help:) for your goals to be achieved as soon as possible.


The modern tools like Google Classroom, Miro and Zoom are our best friends during lessons.


Our teachers juggle proven methodologies professionally to make sure your learning is enjoyable and fruitful.


No to boring lecturing and insufficient topics unrelated to your needs!We take care of both your needs and interests. 


Our manager collects a feedback on studying regularly to assure you are satisfied with a process and your progress.


Choose the length, frequency and intensity you would like to study with.Individual approach is our priority. 

How do we solve language problems?

Only proven methodologies and extensive practice will help you deal with with the following issues:

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    Afraid of speaking?

    → Your teacher will leave you no choice but to speak English throughout the whole lesson.

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    Grammar is confusing?

    → Only structured grammar presentation and real-life examples (say bye to Mery and Ben:)

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    Unsatisfied with pronunciation?

    → Your professional teacher will help be closer to your dreamy British/American accent.

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    Understanding natives is a quest?

    → We promise that your eye will stop twitching after you've watched a video with a native speaker:)

You ...

    have been studying English for a long time, but results are still on the ocean floor?
    convinced that English isn't your thing?
    sick of boring topics?
    understand others but tight as a clam because afraid of speaking?
    think that you'll never be able to watch favorive series without subtitles?
    take grammar as a challenge number one?

If the answer to most points below is yes, then let's dive in!


Improve your English skills with English Whales School!

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Free consultation

Before the start of individual lessons we arrange a consultation.It's necessary to:

    identify your level
    define your strengths and areas to improve
    set goals and a deadline if you have the one


Reviews from our students

First of all, this is my best experience of learning a language. Not scary, interesting and useful.I had big problems with speaking. Now, little by little, with each lesson I feel more confident and can really speak (still making mistakes, but things have improved big time). I've started learning words differently and they are really easier to remember! I like the fact that the examples and topics are related to a real life. Flexibility of the learning process is there. Classes are informal but professional.



Nina, Warsaw

I'm not afraid to speak anymore. I can maintain a conversation even if I know I have very little vocabulary on this topic. I have a much better understanding of tenses and more. I love that we have a lot of practice during our classes, homework is interesting, lessons are structured, Miro is a comfortable tool to use.

Software developer


Sasha, Kyiv

I have become much more confident in speaking, I can hold a conversation on a fairly wide range of topics. I have an understanding of grammar that I didn't have before (I used the language more intuitively), and it became easier for me to write in English.I like the fact that:1. classes are always relevant to what is happening in my life - it's super useful.2. they are modern:) As an example, it's cool when we read and analyze actual texts from the media, not just stories from textbooks or watch YouTube videos. 3. we go back to some grammar topics several times, mixing them with something else.4. there is a lot of speaking practice during the lessons.5. all materials are conveniently stored in one place and you can always refresh any lesson's contents.

Producer at a content agency


Natasha, Berlin

Atmosphere in a classroom is important to me, so friendliness in communication is what I like in the lessons. It is very convenient to study using Miro board. Material explanation is always very comprehensive and clear. It's cool that you can work with different content (videos, texts, Instagram posts, etc.).

PR manager


Tanya, Kyiv

Given the intensity I study with, it seems to me that I've achieved some results. In fact, I have just started to realize that I don't get annoyed when watching something in English and it's a great opportunity to expand my vocabulary, listen to different accents. I am impressed by flexibility, friendly relationships on our lessons, teacher's interest and her desire to improve something regularly. Also, it's wonderful that we work on different aspects of the language (grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary, etc.).



Olya, Warsaw




650 UAH

price per 1 lesson in a package

1 class for 60 minutes



600 UAH

price per 1 lesson in a package

8 classes for 60 minutes

Like a duck to water


580 UAH

price per 1 lesson in a package

16 classes for 60 minutes

Jacques-Yves Cousteau


550 UAH

price per 1 lesson in a package

24 classes for 60 minutes


  • I don't know my English level

    We will be happy to schedule a consultation with a teacher before a start of the course. The tutor will test your level, clarify the goals and deadlines, and answer questions related to the course and structure of the lessons.During the day, our caring manager will contact you and prepare for full immersion in English - she will clarify the schedule and payment details :)

  • How are the classes held?

    We care about your comfort, so 30 minutes before the lesson you will receive an invitation with a Zoom link. Our tutor will prepare a cool Miro lesson according to its purpose and your needs. So you will be speaking/writing/listening a lot or boosting a grammar skill.
    We trust your knowledge to the latest Pearson and National Geographic books. And, of course, your teacher, who plans the lessons carefully and includes additional materials if necessary.

  • Will I be limited with a book during my course?

    Of course not!A book is a compass that determines the trajectory of our ship. However, interesting articles, insta-posts, and videos appear regularly on board. It will be done to diversify your classes and homework.

  • What are the rules for canceling classes?

    If you cancel a lesson 3 hours or more before it starts, we will reschedule it.If the cancellation is done less than 3 hours in advance, the class is considered to be attended.

  • How can I pay for the lessons?

    Go to 'prices' in the menu, choose your package and we will contact you to clarify payment details. 


If you have any questions, feel free to ask them by filling out the form, or contact us via Telegram or WhatsApp.


Kyiv, Ukraine


Monday - Friday: 9:00 - 20:30Saturday: 10:00 - 18:30Sunday: off


+ 38 (066) 187 68 43

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